Sunday, November 30, 2008


What does 'wait for the Lord' truly encompass?  

How are I to be possessed by that?

It has been two thousand years and so far, no substantive proof that Jesus has arrived with the New Kingdom.  Two thousand years is an awfully long time.  Are we idiots?  Is our faith debunked? Are we living in some magical fairy land which we term: Christedom.

Well, no.  

Waiting is part of spirituality.  It is the purple dark of an orchid awaiting its bloom.  
We must wait; for it is all our calling, our mysticism, our destinies.

Some wait with fever; others wait with power; others wait with anger and greed; while, still others wait with holy reverence and love.  We choose our own Waiting.  

How are we to choose?
How are we to ponder and recollect and think on these things?

The choice lays deep within our spirits, I sense.  Deep, so deep, that words do not express its profundity and depth.  The choice often is unconscious, is led, is offered to us as something altogether different.  What we consciously choose may not be what we are really choosing; or, rather, have it chosen for us.  The choice is  God's.  Waiting is the process which God utilizes within us...  

It appears, does it not, that we are abandoned at times.  Yes, it does.  However, that abandonment is more often the closest we ever get to the Divine and his Love.  Yes, I know; for, I have lived a multitude of darkness' to render this experience of God true and valid.

  • God waits.  
  • God is Waiting. 
  • God is the Wait.

For us, stillness of heart and quieting of spirit ... that path leads to the sacred, holy Wait ... that journey toward the Godhead and toward all our own destinies.  

Wait for the Lord, his Day is near ...   

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