Wednesday, November 26, 2008


The other evening, Pumpkin, my 7 year old mixed breed long hair completely spoiled rotten cat, and I were just playing around with his favorite toy: Bird on a Stick. The toy is all chewed and loved up and stroked and kissed and battered and seen much better days.

So, we were playing with the 'Bird on a Stick' and Pumpkin flopped on his back with all fours way high in the air and I teased him with the feathers in his face and his eyes widened, his mouth opened large, and his front and back legs extended as wide as could be. He was purring so loud, well, even the neighbors could hear.

And, I thought: This is how I am with God.

In the Presence of the Divine, in the object of our greatest desiring, I roll upon my back with eyes wide open, mouth wide open, and all appendages reaching upward, loving what I see, trying to grasp it in its entirety!

I learned something that evening with Pumpkin. I learned that I love God as much as Pumpkin loved Birds ( faux as they were ) for it is as natural for him to love and desire as it is for me to love and desire. That both of us reach and work to glory in our love and that it is all good and it is all well done and makes perfect absolute sense ... human, feline, and Divine.


justducky said...

Oh, what a wonderful metaphor!
I love the fact that you make loving God such a simple act.

I can relate to loving my dear dog, Opal, therefore I know I can truly love God.

And I love you!!

Charlotte Therese said...


Greetings from another (God- and) cat-lover (in Sweden)... :-)