Friday, February 12, 2010


What is it, I wonder, about honorifics?

Father this?
Mother that?
Brother such and such?
Sister so on?
Bishop and Reverend Father/Mother?


This is self-revealing. In certain ways, it is driven by ego and a lack of esteem for self.
The titles offer personal sanctuary and spiritual elevation where, perhaps, that risen state
is not appropriate. The title lifts where the person may hide. I say this for I feel that I do this and it is become a revelation to me.

In my day, I meet people. 'Sister, they nod' ... That is a feel good and personal/emotional massage. People show their respect for the Life of a Religious and that is all well and good; however, if I thrive on the attention, live for the recognition, need that noticing: something is very amiss, indeed.

In my heart lies a Hermit. In my heart lives a Hidden life for Christ. Wearing a Habit on the outside of my enclosure where others peer into my privacy and perhaps wonder of the life being publicly displayed, prayer is being said and pondered about that.

A monastic Habit worn outside the Hermitage is a signpost of a life lived for something larger and more potent than myself. That I do believe. How I wish to state that another way exists in this land of profound materialism and 'give-everything-to-me-now-especially-if-it-new' mindset and culture.

What need be kept in the forefront of my mind and heart is that the black monastic Habit does not become something of vanity, pride, and self-absorption. Indeed, that the black monastic Habit state both to myself and to all that this person has died to the World and lives NOW in Christ Jesus, through Mary, ever-Virgin.

Oh, may this be so.

Monday, February 8, 2010


Alas, the Computer Age has stolen from us Humanity. Humanity, the gift of God from throughout the ages. Humanity, from which sings the angels in Paradise. Humanity, which God entered to become One with us! Where are we going, people?

It started small at my Parish, the Healing Service at the Mary Chapel. I would stand in full Habit, with an Acolyte holding the Chrism. We would wait for anyone to come for anointing and prayer. At first, it was a trickle. But, each one who came were embraced and held and kissed with the Kiss of Christ, anointed and bid the Love of God. In short, each single person was touched and loved humanly, as Jesus did and desire us to do.

Each Sunday the line toward the Mary Chapel grew.

This past Sunday it began at the High Altar and snaked all the way to the Narthex and front doors. The anointing continued until the last Congregant wandered out. It was for me the largest crowd ever.

Why? Why do you think it is happening?

I have placed that question before Mary, ever Virgin. And, the answer is so clear. We live in a hands-off, Internet run, sexual misconduct ridden world where folks are frightened and filled with anxiety around physical embrace. In the Church, the word of the day is: Stand Clear. This, sadly, as a result of decades of abuse. We are afraid to embrace and the vapidness of the Internet support the dying of our spirits.

Do you not see that if I changed my ways at the Chapel and used this 'stand-off' approach that people would not come, would not feel Christ in their heart, would not be touched. We are so hungry to be touched and loved in this Age of Distance. Somehow, the Church must break open our tiny shells and allow the goodness known to God, through Jesus and Mary, to fill our hearts and give us the healing and health God desires of us!