Wednesday, November 26, 2008


iPhones, iPods, IMs, Text Messaging, Chat Rooms, Mall musak, televisions, stereos ablaze, sound sound everywhere, in all places. Indeed, a veritable invasion of cacophonous sound. We must internally vibrate 24/7 with all this input. We have become wired in our own wiring. We have become addicts to noise.

Moderation in all things is what is counseled by those sagacious ones. Yes, moderation. Yet, how, in our world connected today is it possible to achieve silent, still interiority? Peacefulness of spirit, how radical an idea: however, it is an idea whose time has come. It must come but for the sheer, stark sanity of our species.

In my 'Cottage in the Trees Hermitage', I take note of the outside goings on . It seems that if we don't stop for one single moment, our lives shall end. That, in fact, the silence is the silence of the dead. I sense it could be suggested apparent in the 'awkward silences' of our daily routines. Being still and silent amidst noise isn't comfortable for some and is anathema to our cultural milieu. I watch as we have evolved ( or, perhaps, devolved ) into a go, go, go people with lists in our hands, chaos in our minds, meetings to fly to, people to text or IM Right Now, if not, immediately.

I query within: Who put the nickel in? It is almost as if we move fast enough for long enough, more and more will be accomplished and magically somehow more time of Life shall be granted. Indeed, the Superman notion of reversing Time by speeding backwards around Earth.

How much depth is truly missed in the rush. Not simply depth within ourselves; but, more poignantly, the chasms of depth within ourselves. If we cannot achieve a modicum of stillness, how really can we 'be' with another? We can't, I sense. We simply cannot. To truly 'be' with another person, first we must have a degree of quiet inside ourselves, emptiness inside ourselves to allow for the 'other'. How can we listen if we won't stop talking?

In my estimation and experience, inward silence is grasped slowly; however, is grasped through, pointedly, detachment. To clarify, a detachment as in letting go, breathing out, observing passively. This may sound like 'non-love'; however, quite the contrary. Imagine: If we are in a personal or spiritual twitter, question how we can truly be available as loving toward others. It is diametrically opposed. The two states cancel each other and thereby no one is attended to as Christ for one another.

Silencing the inner noise, the randomness of rancor, the onslaught of input is a path toward peacefulness and love for Neighbor. It is a spiritual discipline and is fearful, at times. Our culture in ways maligns the still, the silent; yet, that ought not to work against this wonderful and bountiful gift for yourself and the other.

Allow yourselves the giftedness of sacred silence, of holy rest for the recompense that it contains: Relationship, inner renewal, and priorities aligned in ways you may never have dreamt.

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