Saturday, November 29, 2008


And, when I have been drunk with passion, and swelled with the oceanic love and joys which God, the Divine, brings; it is then that the emptiness follows as an inflated balloon issues its air. The purgation of all within, all that sated and fattened me, becomes a hollowness for the other's space and time; becomes through and from the 'Other'.

For me, it seems like this:

I am enormously engorged with Him with the juices fruits, and meats of his joy and love; only to digest them all, incorporating it within my being; then, utilizing this spiritualized input to feed another as I empty my fill, my communal kenosis.  How can God be there for my sisters, my brothers if I am so full?  No, there needs be inner-emptying; for, it is the kenotic way, the better way, the way of choice.

Indeed, am I not his petroleum station; his wayside food stand along the path?  I am empty then filled, used, then emptied again all for my sisters and brothers.  If I become interiorly barren for his sake; others may be satisfied for his sake.

Oh, yes that is the intoxicating pilgrimage of ecstasy and desert commingled, working as one with the hand of Christ touching and caressing and embracing all humankind through one of his tiny, inconsequential servants, so happy to bid his pleasure.