Saturday, December 13, 2008


And, when I quiet; become still and pray,
it is as if a fine layer of cloud/ a mist/ through damped morning Forest
covers my eyes and I travel to heaven leaving what is seen 
to become unseen.  

        Through the veil, my heart greets him
and, at once, I hum.
We know the words, which falling effortlessly, drop as dew upon blue-blades.

Commingling, we enter deep through the fogginess, 
loving the other through gray invisibilities of 
delight/standing outside Time.

O!  Prayer: sheath of silence/ pall of Holiness; stay Now with me.  Let 
me live among your fecund bogs; your greeny trees: motionless, open-mouth & mute
witnessing to your grand Love!

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