Friday, December 12, 2008


Has this happened to you?
     You're all nervous and anxious about something.  You place enormous energy into this 'thing'. Much time is spent.  Hours, days, sometimes a lifetime. Then, something happens which dispels this 'consuming charge' and you are calmed, quieted, resolved, and say words to this effect: "Oh, things worked out just fine".  Whereupon, you nag yourself for spending all that precious, won't ever be returned to you Time, being anxious and afraid.

     It has happened to me.  What I've learned, however, is that ' that everything worked out just fine' feeling is Kairos.  God's Time.  In God's time, all has been worked out and ; all has been done and planned; and Kronos is what we struggle and become worried over as humans.  

     But, you can elect to be calm and still and silent and sit at Christ's feet awhile as Kronos catches up with Kairos ... which in my life, always seems with grace to be. Things, most generally, work for the Good.  Have you encountered that old expression?  Things work out for the Good. 

     That axiom is pleasant to realize and more so to live and incarnate.    Now, this is not to suppose a pre-deterministic world and God is nothing more than deus ex machina.  I really hope not for free will prospers us; however, things seem overall to fall into a natural place in the final analyses. Obviously, not to halt working toward goals and/or personal, corporate victories; no, but, it is simply to say the process; its finality; its completion are well in progress. For us, it is to breathe and allow Kairos within Kronos to occur with thanksgiving and gratefulness of heart.

How each of us are coveted by divine mercy, how all of our Radiances are noticed, counted, and held in honor by Him who blesses.
Do we not carry within our own souls our sacred dawns and twilights given to each individually?  Oh, yes, how tender a God we love who gives what is necessary, spiritually profitable, and communally beneficial. 

We may, in our littleness, ponder that the benefit is otherwise; but, we are small with even more petite compasses.  None possess the grander scheme so none can judge truly.  
Kairos being manifested in Kronos, indeed; stillness teaches this. 


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