Wednesday, March 4, 2009


No, I cannot recall the time when it occurred; however, I remember the feel ... the wonder ... the newness ... the question and why of it.  

At first, I murmured:  
Oncoming Death?  
Divine Abandonment?

No, not any of those darkened elements rudely striking the soul.

This was a gift of silence of heart: 
this is the Christ, living within. 

Suffering brought it for 
Suffering bought it.

His Cross, carried and coveted
created the patina over which
coated my spirit and changed it.

Flint golden light upon Him,
dazzling all who see; but
for me,

then wearied and so pained, 
now by Him rest,
as Nature in winter be.



David said...

You are a wonderful poet! Such a way with words... It's almost as if it runs through your veins.. through your family history.... :-)

srmarypaul said...

David, I am truly touched by your words.
I thought you didn't even read this kind of religious/spiritual stuff!

I am very touched.

You are an Artist and being such your words mean a lot to me.

Thank you