Saturday, February 14, 2009


Sweet Mary came to me yet again.
Not in voice; yet in that same place of
stillness deep within my heart of
hearts.  In that place that Mary

Again, she came unto me while I was
in great distress and turmoil and she 
did comfort me, easing my mind.

This time it was while I dozed in 
unsettled sleep.

With suddenness, in the locus of her
voice was a small, lit, empty cross. It
appeared ... faded, then appeared a 
second time.   It was illumined on its
right side.

I knew it was Mary~bringing her Son
this time to me to show that my trials,
though small, are loved, are noticed,
and my spirit is not abandoned.

Inside that quiet time, in the 
profundity of pain, Mary's Son joined
me and entered into an inner sanctum
reserved for the Holiest of Holy.

May He ever be praised!


Maithri said...

Your words breathe such strength, such tender grace into this little room where I am...

Truly love is all there is,

And you are its blessed messenger,

In humility and gratitude,


srmarypaul said...

As I wrote to you: Thank you for your encouragement and blessings!

Blessings upon your incredible work in the world! The world stands a better place for your Doctoring.

In Christ's love,

Sister Mary Paul